January 7th, 2008

Jin/ brain is ded


I don't have any excuse this time for being away all this time without writing. I'm just too lazy. I don't mind actually. This is my livejournal and i've the rights to do with it what i want without caring what people might think about it.

Changed layout and you know what? I like it LOL. Welcome me to the pedoness.

I'm actually a bit pissed with all the NEWS stuff... all those polls and such to know whether they must remain 6 or not. I'm just copying something i say in the NEWS comm about it cuz i'm just lazy like that.

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So that is it for now. I'll try to post my goals for this new year later =).
Yamada / custom

HEADERS >> heysay, news, k8, jyanni jr

So... I got bored today and i decided it would be cool if i could do some headers for myself... so I ended up changing my layout and making other 8 headers to share with anyone that want to use them.

1- Don't remove the credit to my livejournal
2- Add me if you like my graphics? LOL

Hey! Say! Jump!
01- Yamada Ryosuke
02-03 Yamada Ryosuke + Takaki Yuya
04- Yamada ryosuke + Nakajima Yuto


05- Kusano Hironori
07- Nishikido Ryo


06- Shibutani Subaru requested by nira_chan
07- Nishikido Ryo

05- Kusano Hironori
08- Yamashita Shoon

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