January 9th, 2008

minnie / wtf

Not much to say...

I still haven't had time to think about my goals. I'm not the type of person that decide goals easily so it might take me a while =). I've been studying and doing the requested graphics on breaks all the day. I'm 80 % done with them but i might take one day or two more for the remaining ones.

Kusano and Uchi aren't trainees anymore but I won't say anything about them until I see some more news on it. I still think they will eventually go back where they belong and i won't change my mind until a official announcement says so. I've been thinking it since Uchi got suspended and I won't ever change it. So... I'm sorry if I don't talk about them in the near future. I don't talk about things I don't know, or are not confirmed. It only mess things up and make people feel a fake hope and that sucks. NEWS having a new single for the Kurosagi movie is cool tho but no money -___-.

I've been also talking with Becca about his issues with the person she used to collab with. Apparently there has been...problems, that are totally personal and i'm not talking about them here, and Becca is going on her own to Korea the next month. I wish i could go myself with her but I guess i will have to work a little bit harder to make it. I'm totally in the mood for it tho. I don't think I've ever been this determined about something  I wanna do so I might at least fight for it. We decided to collab on the next Tohoshinki single, purple line, so wait for it xD it will sound awesome on us.

I'm starting exams this 22th so I'm going to be off for a bit until February.


22- Metodos
28- Historia
31- Mintzaira

 1- Pertsuazio
 4- Ekonomia

Erg...I'm really tired and moody today.