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New entry / new song

As I promised... I'm back xD it wasn't an illusion and I'm back to make another entry.
I passed all my exams ^^U so I don't really have to think about them. Not 'til next year at least. But uni starts in October and I'll be kinda busy the whole month because i have to work too... so it would be 9am - 2pm uni / 4pm - 9pm work. Kinda tiring and I also think i'm going to be on my sisters because my house is still running some epic war and my mood isn't capable to take it more than 2 weeks more. LOL.

Wonder Girls new album is cool. Full of dance type and r&b songs. I really like it xD and tell me is catchy. So catchy... so catchy that i sang it xD. Give it a try! It sounds quite arrogant or egocentric from me to say it but

Eider - Tell me (sampling From “two Of Hearts”)

I need some NEWS news
(that wasn't a pun -__- ). I'm getting really really frustrated lately with the lack of news from them.


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