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I don't have any excuse this time for being away all this time without writing. I'm just too lazy. I don't mind actually. This is my livejournal and i've the rights to do with it what i want without caring what people might think about it.

Changed layout and you know what? I like it LOL. Welcome me to the pedoness.

I'm actually a bit pissed with all the NEWS stuff... all those polls and such to know whether they must remain 6 or not. I'm just copying something i say in the NEWS comm about it cuz i'm just lazy like that.

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well , i hope I don't offend anyone cuz i really i'm trying not to, and i'm just pointing out my view here.

I knew both NEWS and K8 from the start when they debuted. Usually people who knew them as 8 before the suspensions thing used to think that they do belong to both of groups whereas those that came later and saw them as 6 ( in news at least) will always think 6 is better and in some case hold a grudge for the remaining 2 for "causing too much troubles and forcing the other 6 to work harder " or shit. I particularly find it funny... how people don't tend to mind Uchi returning to Kanjani8 ( in 70 % of the cases just for the number ) and not to NEWS because " they apparently are better of as 6 and worked their asses for it" ( well, i think k8 worked harder anyway, you see.).
It's funny also how people tend to ignore that the ones that asked and pried to JE for them to give them a second chance back to the beer-duo here where those 6 ( in news at least) that are better left as 6. LOL... People who digged on the problem enough could sense how even Yamapi, who was in the spotlight in those months when NEWS went on hiatus went on a " I AM ANGRY , DON'T TALK TO ME " space of time until summer or so was off. I particularly know well enough from his sisters friend that he was in a not-easy-to-handle state all during the dorama promos for Kurosagi and Daite promos and he ended giving some sort of threat to Mary here, telling her he wouldn't stop acting like that until they considered NEWS' thoughts on the matter. Never talked about this tho... cuz it was kind of private ( it goes further but mmmm xD no need to explain old things now).

I'm talking about what i know of course. I don't know how type of campaign k8 members did tho, but i do know they also did it.

Anyway... I can't think of a 6nin NEWS as a real NEWS. It's simply a new NEWS to me as Shige said. Re-starting a atarashii yeah. Not the real one to me and never will be. Although they have done a great job on the coming back and all of that i don't really see that they did any step ahead. I mean...they haven't actually gone further that they were before when there were the 8 of them altogether. In my opinion they lack character...there are roles that every group needs that are actually being ignored. I simply can't think of it as NEWS although i do like them and always will.

another matter is... the member ai or kizuna, or whatever you want to call it. Sure...they are closer but does that mean kusano and uchi aren't closer to them than they where before just because you can't see them on your tv? People who say they coming back will disturb the closeness of the 6 that are now are kind of excuse makers to me who don't value humanity but just spotlight. Saying no to someone before you know how things will be and saying they sure will be akward sounds funny to me. We may at least try and see, right?. Then talk about akwardness if you want. I'm sure it won't happen tho LOL. It's common know how KKK hang out as they did before, how Ryo and Uchi keep in contact everyday as they used to be, and how...things didn't really change anything but for the better in this member ai thing with all 8 of them. If 6nin NEWS Cherish them... why won't 6nin NEWS FANS cherish them as well or gave them a try before closing doors to them?... Won't be that better for them? :s

once again... not trying to offend anyone. In a matter of fact i never talk about this and keep it to myself because every time i voice my views someone takes it on the wrong side, and misunderstands things. So yeah... 8nin NEWS and k8 and 8 here... can't think of anything less.

So that is it for now. I'll try to post my goals for this new year later =).
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